Friday, July 08, 2005
hmm, cheesecake
We had an early dinner with Xinh tonight at the Pasadena Cheesecake Factory. Good thing we got there early (even though we arrived ten minutes later than scheduled due to accident near our exit), when we were leaving, a crowd has formed in and outside of the door. Waiting time probably would be 30 minutes and more. Hmm, chocolate mousse cheesecake. So yummy. But of course we can never finish any food from Cheesecake, entrée or dessert.

Talking about the word "entrée", I have a question to ask all the people who has been and are still in Scottland or UK. Do you say entrée there? Or something else? Because when we were in Australia, American's appertizer is called entrée, and the actual dinner is called main course. I wonder if in England and Scottland it is called the same as in Australia? It's all part of a culture, and in no way should be judged or laughed at. Just like if someone from Australia comes here and they want to order an entrée, the waiter/waitress will certainly be confused and thinks they want to order an actual dinner plate.

Since I am on the topic of different saying at different country, I think my MIL, SILs and BILs will be very happy to hear that ever since we came back Australia, JE has been prouncing Z as zed and referring to swimming wear as bathers. But I think all this will change once he goes to kinder.

Words I have learned while in Australia that are different than America: (first one is Australian, second is American)
Boot=Trunk (as car's)
shopping Trolley=shopping Cart
Bathers=Swimming suit
Capsicium=Bell Pepper

I am sure there are more, but those are what I can come up so far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooo...I LOVE hearing words from different countries!


Blogger Xinh said...

I find it interesting that they use capsicium for Bell Pepper. Capsicium is the chemical agent that gives all peppers and chilis/chiles their heat.

Blogger Xinh said...

Actually, my mistake. Capsaicin is the chemical compound. Capsicium is an actual name for a pepper.

Blogger Xinh said...

okay. because I'm obsessed with this:
Capsicum vs. Capsaicin.

Anonymous ghoti said...

hey liz, they talk funny here too. lol.

(they say - i say)
bonnet - the hood of the car
nappie - diaper or sanitary napkin
pants - underwear
lemonade - sprite or 7up
loo - bathroom
bog roll - toilet paper
pram - stoller
chemist - pharmacy
solicitor - attorney
garden - the entire yard (not just flowers and veggie areas)
chips - fries
crisps - chips
mars bar - milky way
biscuits - cookies
scones - biscuits
mince - hamburger meat
tea - tea
tea - dinner/supper (the evening meal)
tea - snack

there's some manner of dessert here called spotted dick that i can't quite bring myself to try.

i DID buy something at the grocer's the other day with kidney(s) in it though... i'm not sure yet if i'm comfortable with that. heh.


ps - people from other coutries love it when americans come to their country and call them "foreigners". heheh. not really (of course), but it's still fun.

*smiles sweetly*

Anonymous ghoti said...

ok, the steak-and-kidney thing is palatable but kinda creepy.

and i forgot one:

off license = liquor store

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