Tuesday, July 12, 2005
It has been quite hot recently here. It's extra hot to me after coming back from holiday in winter.

On Sunday, we went to Jim & Prue's to drop off some Aussie goodies for them. Then we stayed for an hour to catch up while JE played in the pool with their daughter. Afterwards we decided to go to a local restaurant because JE was whining about being hungry. We waited for about 10 minutes until we were seated, but it felt like eternity, because I was very very hungry. But when the food actually arrived, I had no desire to eat them. I felt dizzy, was sweating profusly. I had some ice-tea trying to calm myself down, but two minutes later I had to run into the restroom to throw up. John and JE were still eating, but I had to ask them to pack everything and pay the check. I needed to lie down badly. Before leaving, I threw up again in the parking lot. I took a two-hour nap when we got home, even though it was past 7 at night already. I felt better afterwards. If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was pregnant. But I think it was a case of heat exhaustion.


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I hope you're feeling better!

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