Wednesday, May 02, 2007
PS: Why oh why did I sign up to make brownies for my kid's school open house tonight?



Anonymous Luminati said...

because brownies are good!! And if it were me, I would make a double batch and keep the rest for myself :)

Blogger Liz said...

I didn't mind making them. I love brownies, just I was short at times. Good thing I bought some as a back-up plan. Because as I expected I didn't have time to make them.

Blogger Friglet said...

Because you're a big sucker like me. ;)

Blogger some girl said...

LOL, I hate that. You mean well, and you don't want to look bad, so you sign up. But when it comes to actually making them, it's like pulling teeth!

Blogger FlawedSanity said...

But if u had the time to blog.... :D hey, don't poke me!

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