Sunday, April 08, 2007
Home sweet home
We are back. As I am sitting here typing away, I feel like the place is still rocking back and forth like I am on the ship.

We went to the Mexico Rivieria; a week without cell phone, internet, and lots of great food, I could do without the whining and nagging also. We had a blast none the less and a huge bar bill to prove it ;). I thought I would miss going online, and a couple of times I was temped to get on too, but I resisted, and mostly didn't feel like paying the outrageous dollar to get online.

After all the fun, unpacking is the worst and not to mention loads of laundries to be done. I almost don't want to unpack since we are going away in a few months anyway.

When the rocking is gone, I will post some photos.

PS: If you want to see photos, you can either go to flickr or John's blog



Anonymous auntie em said...

Welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Blogger Capn John said...

Hey! I didn't whine and nag that much!

Blogger Amber said...

How Fun!!!! I went on a cruise once and its so easy to get carried away buying drinks when you don't have to use cash.

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