Tuesday, July 12, 2005
10 People Who Inspire You

1) My husband John, who left his families and country behind to live and work in a foreign country.
2) My Mom, who basically raised my by herself until I was 10.
3) My junior year high school English teacher, whom taught me so much and made me feel in love with reading.
4) Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is not about wheather I support his policies or not, but the fact that he, a foreigner, ran for Governer and successfully became one.
5) Nancy Regan. She is just an amazing and strong woman.
6) My ex-co-worker Lily, who lived here by herself, going to school and work, lived apart from her husband and son who stayed in a different country.
7) Rachel Ray. I rarely cooked until I started watching her show "30 minutes meal" on Food Network last year.
8) My Uncle Bobby.
I'm stomped on the last two.


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