Tuesday, February 28, 2006
I don't watch a lot of TVs, very rarely a TV show is able to grab my attention. Well, I have never watched a single episode of "24". Last night I watched it for the first time, only because I heard on the radio that the first lady was going to be attacked, all I can is "Wow, it was very good". I shall continue next Monday.


Anonymous Prism said...

**duct tapes liz down* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I got sucked in at the END of season 4 (dvd) to which we've been watching all the seasons on dvd from the beginning (we're currently in the middle of season 2).

Becareful or you're going to start dreaming about Keifer Sutherland! *fans fangirly head*

Blogger Xinh said...

Netflix is EXCELLENT for watching tv shows that you wouldn't watch normally.

Of course, with 2 kids, you barely have time to do much tv watching.

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