Friday, February 03, 2006
Friday Five
1. What is your favorite specialty restaurant (Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc.)?
Japanese is on top of my list, then Thai, Indian, Mexican, and Italian.

2. What do you order to eat there?
Sushi and more sushi.

3. What is your favorite specialty food or dish to cook?

4. If you could travel to the home country of your favorite specialty food, what would you do there?
Be a total tourist in Japan, eat all the local food. Then again visiting Japan is really expensive. Don't think we will go, and it isn't really on top of my list a place to visit.

5. What is your worst experience with a specialty food restaurant?
I'm usually stick with three Japanese restaurants I know that the sushi are fresh and services are excellent. So so far I haven't had any bad experiences.


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