Saturday, March 11, 2006
I'm ranting
I can not stand people who are not open-minded about things. I guess living in Los Angeles and interacting with all kinds of races really opens up your mind about other culture, food, and just things in general. I have learned never to judge other people.

I also can not stand people who do not reply email. I do not except them to reply me with an essay, it could be just a simple "Ok, I got it" or "Thanks". But nope I never get any of those replies either. Those people need to learn some internet etiquette. Why do they even bother to have an email account when they don't bother to reply any? Rude I tell you. But whatever, I will just stop emailing them then. Don't get upset when you don't get an update.

I'm in a pissy mood tonight over something I read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up all night with sick 3yr child-hubby asleep and 4yr old asleep too(hope he will stay asleep). Stayed up too late after 3yr old birthday party on Friday-thought I was having a day off today but 4yr got scared at the rodeo so I ended up at the zoo with kids instead of a quiet day at home. Now newly 3 year old has a stomach virus that started at midnight. We have watched 2 power rangers and now on a ninja turtle dvd. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Anonymous Ficklechick said...

I'm assuming it wasn't an email reply that you read! ;)

I just don't bother with closed-minded people. There's nothing you can say that will ever change their minds. It's aggravation I don't need!

Open a bottle of wine, and say screw 'em!

Anonymous mogs said...

amen! ((Hugs))

**hopes like hell she has always answered AMI's emails... **


Blogger Liz said...

i am not mad at anyone on my blogroll. dont worry. heh :)

Anonymous Prism said...

((wipes fevered brow))

Want me to flip them off for you?

Anonymous auntie em said...

want me to send you some chill pills? heehee

breathe, woman, breathe! :)

(i'm not worried, since I ALWAYS write you back! Wouldn't DARE not to. )

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