Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Another 24 post (spoiler included)
Ok Prism, cover your ears, or eyes.

Last night I watched the 2-hour "24". Damn!! It was sooooo good. I'm totally hooked.

But now I can understand why Xinh is icked at Jack's daughter. It was only the second time I watched the show and I'm icked at her already.

Start spoiler/rant:
I guess Jack was supposed to be dead, but somehow it was staged. He's back full force and he didn't tell his daughter about it. He came back and all apologitic and tried to explain to her what happened and daughter was pissed that he didnt trust her, blah blah blah. Even though he kept telling her that the reason he didnt want her to know was to protect her, since 2 of people who helped him to stage his death were dead already. But the bitch just would not listen and gave him the cold shoulder. Oh why oh why they didn't kill her off during last night's nerve gas attack.
Also let me just say that a lot of people died in the agency during the attack.

End spoiler/rant.


Anonymous Prism said...

I'm not looking but I'm also not watching season 5 on tv. we're going to wait till we're done all the way to 5 and then watch it on dvd. we tried watching two different seasons and with the ex president getting assassinated in the premier episode and then currently watching that same president in season 2... we got all sorts of confoozled. Jack's daughter does piss me off some sort of fierce though. total dumb shit for a government agent's daughter. tsk tsk.
glad you like the show :D

Blogger Xinh said...

Over at TWoP, Kim is called Spawn.
I'm trying to figure out why she's not with Chase but then again, I don't really care.

Blogger Ross said...

She'snot with him, because he left her after she hit "rock bottom" also he's not in the script.

Altho she tends to get kidnapped alot she hasnt really done anything that bad, unless being prety hot and blonde are crimes these days???

Anonymous Prizz said...

she's a blond dumb shit. For a government agents daughter she sure hasn't been trained for 'situations'. She's running around like an idiot female half the time and *rarely* does anything to even try and get herself out of her predicaments. Starting a fire in the police car in season 2... not her idea... it was her boyfriend's. I would think with her bad luck and the fact that her dad works for the government... she'd at least take a self defence class...or 8.

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