Wednesday, June 21, 2006
You call this summer?
Summer break was offically started for JE on Monday. His Chinese day camp didn't start until this morning. Let me just say is that gas bill is going up the roof from the way i have been driving back and forth.

His day camp starts at 9, but since it was the first day, they asked everyone to get there at 8:30, so they could get organized. It was so hard to drag my ass out of the bed at 7, since all school year his class didn't start until 10:25. But I guess it is a good pratice for his coming school year, which starts at 8:25.

While he was at camp, I drove around to a couple of stores for grocery shopping with A. By noon, I drove back to pick JE up. We drove to my parents for some lunch, and dropped A off to have her nap. JE played with his grandfather while I slept on the sofa. By 3:30, we headed out the door again for his swimming lesson. It has only been three days, he has already improved lots, and he is willing to dunk his head in the water and swam for a short distance. That was more I could say about the 2 summers he spent at YMCA learning swimming. Hopefully this is the summer that he will be able to swim.


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