Sunday, May 14, 2006
They are so beautiful, I can almost cry
So guess what I have been doing all afternoon on Mother's day? Don't know? Give up?

I have been cleaning this and this, and moving and re-arranging all the furnitures, with John's help of course. Yep, we got ourselves some spanking new floor.

As much as it was a total PITA moving the furnitures in and out, and getting a back pain. It was so worth all the efforts, and not to mention the pennies we paid for them. In the words of my cousin, "The prize we paid for comfort."

In the process we got rid of a lot of clutters we accumulated in the last three years.

Next weekend they are coming back to do the remaining three rooms. I can not wait for the finishing results.

The question now is how to keep the floor clean? Attach the swiffer to me permantely?


Anonymous Ficklechick said...

Wow, it's gorgeous!!! I'm jealous :)

Anonymous morg said...

wow Liz! that is beautiful.
Ask at the Home Depot for wood floor care? ~ that, and wear slippers with no tread on the bottom to dust as you go. ;)

Bad precedent, but I used to set Sara (t1) on a big beach towel and drag her around on it to help with the dusting. and NO, I did NOT drag her down the stairs (john!)


Blogger Xinh said...

Ooohh...look at the pretty new floor.

Blogger Amber said...

The floor looks BEAUTIFUL! Is that laminate/hardwood/engineered wood? We're about to do the same thing. Today and tomorrow is the installation of new windows and next week is putting in new floor throughout the entire house (sans kitchen and bath). I dread moving the furniture but look forward to clearing out all the junk!

Anonymous Luminati said...

ooh that looks NICE! I love it!

Blogger Liz said...

Thank you, thank you. We are really happy about them. So much cleaner. :)

It's not easy being beautiful! Unless you watch the TV commercial for Swifter's! Do you whistle while you swift? :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogeois said...

OMG! Those are GORGEOUS!

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