Sunday, July 23, 2006
What's been happening?
The circus is in town! We went to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey on Thursday night. When we were looking for our seats, I had no idea I actually purchased tickets three rows from the ring side. It was quite a nice surprise when the ursher showed us our seats.

It was a very good show. My favorite were the horse trainers. HAH, those European men were gorgeous, especailly the one with the long dark hair.

I took JE and a friend of his to see "Monster House" on Friday after their morning camp. Half way through, both of them got a bit scared and wanted out. But, but it was the good bit, they were ready to "kill" the house. But what can you do when the kids got scared during the moving. We left and took them home for a short swim before going for their swimming lesson. One of the preview we saw was "How to Eat Fried Worms". Basically the whole movie is about a bet of eating ten worms, how the kid goes about to eat them and tries to win a bet against a bully. It showed various ways to cook a worm, fried it, microwave it, boil it, squeezing the worm juice out, etc, it was very gross.

I can not believe how much JE has improved since he started swimming lessons a month ago. A month ago he screamed wheneven water got into his eyes. Now he IS swimming! I am so proud of the little man. But every two weeks I have to get up very early to register swimming class for him, if I am even a bit late, the section I want is gone.

John and I went to a movie date this afternoon, we saw "Pirate of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest". Good movie. But it ended leaving us hanging until the next one. Bastards!

And here it is.


Anonymous ghoti said...

"how to eat fried worms" was one of my favorite books when i was a little girl - that and all 7 of the narnia books, a book called "zeely", and ummm... "the reincarnation of peter proud" and anything by asimov.

i was an odd kid (go figure)

i like your new truck :)

Anonymous ficklechick said...

Nice wheels!

I took Spoiled to see Monster House and a lot of little kids left in the middle. It was pretty scary for kids!

Anonymous mogs said...

yay!! lovely car :)

pirates is very good ~ did you notice that the locket that "tia" had (where jack took the rings?) matches the music box/locket that was on the organ when will stole the key?

next summer is to far away... **whines**

Blogger Xinh said...

How To Eat Fried Worms is a really good kids book.
I recommend checking it out from the library and reading it with JE if you're going to see the movie.

Blogger Xinh said...

Also, if you've just got to know how Monster House ends, you can go to and read the spoiler.

Anonymous Luminati said...

Such a pretty car!

Blogger Liz said...

Thank all. ;)

I have read How to eat a fried worm. Apparently it is another re-make. What's up with hollywood? Remaking kid's movie now?

Blogger Xinh said...

Well, it's a movie being made from a book. That's not new. Hollywood's been doing that for years.
There was an animated made for tv special back in the 80s so I'm not sure that I'd consider this new movie a "remake."

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