Friday, May 11, 2007
At least I maintained my cool
The day before as I was putting clothes in the dryer, I heard my daughter calling out help. I went into the dinning room, saw her stuck between the bottom bar of back of the chair. I tried to move her forward and back, but couldn't get her unstuck.

I decided to screw it and ruin the chair. I was sawing away the bar and calling John the same time (on speaker). But he hung up on me and called 911 for me. Within one minute, I got a call from the emergency service and heard sirens blasting around the house. The polices, firemen, and paramedics showed up. The police ended up cutting the cushion part of chair and freed her. There was no way I could do that. I cut myself while cutting bread, I would not trust myself with a knife that close to my daughter's face.

She stopped crying when help arrived. She was totally fine afterwards. But I was a bit traumatized after that.

You know what is really funny? She pooped while being stuck in the chair. Good thing I changed her before the rescue party arrived.

PS: Everyone that I have told about this incident all asked me if I have taken a picture of my daughter while being trapped in the chair, my MIL included. You are all butch of sadist. :) But secretly I did wish I have done it. It will be very good blackmail material when her boyfriend comes to see us for the first time. But you know, like, I couldn't really do it with the rescue crews there. They probably would have called child service on me.



Blogger Friglet said...

How scary! I'm glad she's okay. :)

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Blogger Capn John said...

When Liz called me I misheard her and thought she'd said our daughter's head was stuck in the chair, and I immediately pictured her stuck underneath our reclining sofa, so I may have exaggerated the situation a little bit when I called Emergency Services, which meant they may have responded a little faster than otherwise.

I also technically didn't call 911, because if I had I would have got CHP on my cellphone or LAPD if I'd used my deskphone. Instead I used speeddial #9 on my cellphone which dials our local Police Station. Why do I have my local PD speedialed on my cellphone? Because most phones #9 speeddial is already preprogrammed for 911. If I need CHP I can dial 911 myself, but if I need my local PD I can speeddial them without needing to look up their number. Very handy.

Blogger FlawedSanity said...

oh you are sooooo mean!!! :D Amber, you can come live with Auntie Em any time. lol Glad u r ok!

Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

I vote you get another chair and put her back in it and have a "do-over" so that you can get those photos ;) - but that's just me!

Anonymous Luminati said...

I would've been so panicked that I never would've thought of taking a picture!

How scary! At least she's ok!

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