Saturday, August 18, 2007
Ants Invasion
Does your house have ants or just mine?

Every summer there are always ants coming and going in our house. If we are not careful and leave food out on the counter just a little too long, it would be covered in ants, totally gross. They could be found in the tub too. Was it because they were thirsty? One year they even invaded the Pirate Ship birthday cake that I spent hours making for JE.

This summer we thought we have escaped the ants, they have not bothered us at all. We have been so careful, never leaving any food out, always clean out dishes right away. I was ready to celebrate, until this week.




Anonymous SouthernBell said...

I've just started noticing ants in my bathroom of all places! I think they are attracted to the little splatters of mouth wash. Yuck!

Blogger Amber said...

I thought I was the only one! It is truly, truly disgusting. I've been super careful as well. I don't leave dishes, foods anything out. I even have my peanut butter container in a zip lock to ensure extra protection. I've also been having an invasion in my bathroom, especially around the tub and sink. So gross!

Blogger Friglet said...

We get them too. Especially when it's hot outside. I hate them!!!

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