Friday, August 10, 2007
Pizzeria Mozza
This is not exactly a food blog and I don't usually talk about the restaurants I go to, but I have to make an exception for Mozza. Reservation is one month in advance, unless you want to try your luck and wait for a table or a backless bar stool, but I read enough good reviews about it on yelp and chowhound and willing to wait a month to give it a try.

John and I went there for lunch today. Although our reservation was for noon, the place didn't open until shortly after. The deco inside is very similar to what Mario Batali has on his food network show. It has a very warm, rich, tuscany feel. The place was fairly empty around the tables, but that soon changed when we were looking over the menu. I have read plenty reviews to know what to try for our first time. We started with a Nancy's chop salad and a Pepper and Tuna. The salad was good, but a little bit too vinegary for me, but the Pepper and Tuna was excellent. I would have never thought those two combinations could be put together and tasted good. For pizza, we got a squash blossoms, burrata & tomato, and a salame gentile, mozzarella, tomato & fresno chiles to share. Both pizzas were too good to describe with words. The salame one was a bit too spicy for me with the chiles on it.

We were really stuffed. Next time we will just get one pizza and save room for dessert. Even though we have to drive to West Hollywood, we might still make it a quarterly experience. At least it has some great shopping spots around there.



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