Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Back to School
First day of school, and shall we say it was quite a disaster. We were LATE!

I blame on jet-lagging. I had about two and half hours of sleeps last nightthis morning. It was a wonder I actually was able to drag my tired ass out of bed.

Right now, I would like nothing but lie down and sleep. But I must resist or I will never get over the jet-lag.

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Blogger Friglet said...

Eh, everybody is late on the first day. ;)

Blogger Capn John said... wife doesn't appear to have blogged for some time, and when she has, it's been very brief entries. I wonder if something else is taking up all her time, like, say, Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS??? Could she possibly be addicted to Animal Crossing? Nah, that couldn't be it...could it???

Hee hee. And you WoW-widows thought you had problems :D

Blogger Liz said...

Yeah yeah John. Something to kill time while you play WoW :)

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