Thursday, July 21, 2005
It's so bloody hot
Actually this entry has nothing to do with the weather. Just in case you are wondering, currently it is 90F°/31C°.

I had about 4 hours sleep last night. What was I doing? Playing computer games. heh. I should have gone to bed earlier, especailly knowing this morning I had to go to LAX to pick up golf clubs and a suitcase of goodies from Australia. I think the people from Oz has already been out for at least half and hour. But who knows traffic could be so bad still at 9am? Luckily I had Amber with me, I was able to carpool.

Tomorrow we are getting our Cal King bed frame and nightstands. Squirl. We bought a Cal King mattress when we first moved in here, more than two years ago. Wow, we have been here for two years already??? Anyway, we never got a bed frame for it. I have been looking forever, but could never find a perfect one. Last week we finally found. One both John and I like. We also got a queen size frame for JE's bed. Everything is getting delivered tomorrow. Woohoo.

I am going to re-do JE's room. Moving his train table to the garage, new curtains, new bed frame, new nightstands, and most important a new desk. It will be more a big kid room. If I feel up to it, I might change the wall color too, to a lighter one. We will see about the last part.


Anonymous spoiled-grrl said...

Can you believe how hot it is?! It sucks. Driving to LAX sucks even more! ;)

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