Saturday, March 25, 2006
On a date
Hubby and I went on an afternoon date today.

Went to see "V for Vendetta"*. It was really good, we both really like it. I highly recommend it.

Since the movie theatre was in the mall, John went to play at Dave and Busters while I did a bit of shopping. We met up an hour later for some yummy BBQ at Wood Ranch.

We are meeting some friends for brunch tomorrow. Haven't seen some of them for a while, really looking forward to it.

*Trailers we saw:
Scary Movie 4. It looked really funny, I certainly was laughing while watching it, still I will reserve it for DVD viewing anyway.
Take the Lead: Whatever. Another teacher tries to teach poor kids in crappy neighborhood, gives them hope movie. I will pass, even though Antonio Banderas is in it.
Poseidon: Another re-make. Modern day cruise ship is capsized from a colossal tidal wave, everyone has to fend for themselves. Again, DVD, maybe.
I think there were some more, but I can't remember them.


Anonymous Ficklechick said...

Yeah for dates, any time of day!

Blogger Ross said...

I was a little dissapointed in V for V, was good, but there should have been more bloody gore action in it (like in the comics) and i'm not sure some of the british cast was up to scratch..

Clerks 2 in the summer tho :)

Anonymous danelle said...

I loved Take The Lead - when it was Dangerous Minds! Sheesh - Hollywood is OUT of ideas.

Blogger Xinh said...

Except there was no dancing in Dangerous Minds and the teacher was a Marine and she was helping smart kids in a bad situation.

Liz, you're supposed to write the trailers on a napkin or your hand or something. :-)

Blogger Capn John said...

When it was Stand & Deliver it wasn't so good, James Belushi did a better job in The Principal, but Class of 1984 was the pick of the bunch.

Why bother wasting your time teaching them, just kill them. Class of 1984 and Class of 1999 rocked.

Anonymous vera said...

I have to admit -- I love the scary movie series!

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