Thursday, March 23, 2006
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about ME

1. Dropped the car this morning to have it fixed. It's been making     grinding noises whenever I stepped on the break.
2. Went to my ear appointment after dropping the boy off at school.
3. Apparently I have Perforated Eardrum, in English it means I have a     hole in my left ear.
4. Most likely I need surgery to have it fixed.
5. Even though it is an outpaitient surgery, still takes two weeks to     have the ear fully healed.
6. Got the call from the car place, the breaks are all f-uped.
7. It's going to cost us lots of money to have everything fixed. Grrrr.
8. Today was the last day for the boy's school's sciense weekly meet.
9. Took the boy and two of his friends to play in the park after     school.
10. Finally home. Haven't been home since leaving at 9 this morning.
11. Did tons of dishes that are piling up in the sink.
12. The house is still a mess.
13. The weather here is crazy. For the past few days, it was       freezing. I had to wear turtleneck and jacket. Now I can almost       get away with shorts.

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Blogger Xinh said...

How on earth did you manage to perforate your eardrum?

Blogger Mama Kelly said...

was it a Q-tip related accident???

certainly sounds like you have yr hands full

hope yr ear doesn;t hurt too much

my 13 are up

Blogger Liz said...

no idea how it happened. i don't feel any different. but if the surgery will improve my hearing

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