Monday, August 07, 2006
Title? What title?
I know I have been neglecting this blog. But I have been driving my kid around to day camp and swimming. Everyday, back and forth, drop off, pick up; drop off, pick up. There seemed like no end. Finally things are slowing down. He does not have any more swimming class and it is the last week of day camp. Now I just need to come up ideas to entertain him in the remaining four weeks.

Last Friday, his day camp has a field trip to Knott's Berry Farm. I tagged along, only because the bus would not have picked them up until 7pm. Ten hours in an amusement park? I think not. Usually I can not stand amusement park. Waiting in line for an hour just for an one minute ride isn't my idea of fun time. We were lucked out that Knott's was not crowded at all.

We had a blast. Especailly at the Big Foot Rapids. JE had so much fun that we went on the ride twice. The second time we were soaked, only part of our bodies didn't have any water were our socks. It was not comfortable wearing water-soaked shorts. Luckily the sun was out by then and we got dried in no time.

IMG_0005 bumper car


Anonymous ficklechick said...

Cute pictures!!!

I love Knott's, they have the funnest roller coasters. :)

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