Thursday, November 01, 2007
It must be scarier
This morning around 6, Amber woke up screaming "Spider on my neck! Spider on my neck!" I had to hush her and kept telling her that "Mommy got the spider off". She finally calmed down and I took her into our bed. (John has left for work by then.) She laid there, kept saying, or more to reassure herself that Mommy got the spider and saved her, she felt back to sleep.

Poor Bunny, having spider nightmare, she didn't even have a single candy after we got home from trick or treat. She might end up like her Aunty Kim and forever has a fear for spiders.



Blogger Capn John said...

I read somewhere that it's around this stage of their life that toddlers start having more vivid dreams and nightmares. I think that held true for JE and it certainly appears to be true for Amber as well.

Blogger smizzo said...

OMG, spiders are the worst! Snakes, rats, no problem. One teeny-tiny spide and I am freaking OUT.

Poor little thing. :(

Blogger Friglet said...

I hate spiders! Poor little thing, I feel her pain. :(

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