Sunday, July 24, 2005
The circus is in town
This morning after dropping Amber at the free babysitter my Mom's, JE and us headed to downtown Staples Center to see the Ringlings Brothers. It was the first for JE and my first after God knows how many years ago I saw one. It was a fabulous and fun-filled, almost two and half show. JE totally enjoyed it. And we did too. The tigers freaked me out somewhat, even though they were locked in a cage only with trainer. I was not scared that they would come out and went on a rampage, but rather they would take a bite of the trainer. As one of them kept growling at him.

After the show we took the Dash back to the downtown library and had lunch at a CPK near by. You see we parked our car in the library, then took the Dash which dropped us right in front of the Staples Center. There was no way I would have paid $15 for an uncovered parking in this heat. Parking in the library was less than half that amount and it was underground parking. The library's parking system also changed. Now you pay the parking at an automatic machine before heading out, instead of paying to a parking attendant like they used to do. Making leaving so much faster, not that there were that much traffic on a Sunday. It really helped that we work in downtown, I used to, knowing all the little tricks of where to park cheap, where all the one-way streets go, and where to eat.


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