Thursday, July 21, 2005
I can see dead people
Well, not really. Thankfully. Prism's entry about scary movie reminded me a TV documentary I was watching a few nights ago on the Travel channel, for all of five minutes: Most Haunted: Croxteth Hall. This is the show's description: A forgotten manor house in the center of Liverpool awaits the Most Haunted crew in a place that time forgot. The team become lost and disorientated in this massive haunted building.

The crew was going through the house in dark with UV light, I think, whatever the special camera, goggle they use to see in dark. At one point, they pointed to a chair, there was an actual "person" sitting in it, covered in white. I literally gasped and changed channel right away. It was so freaky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love Most Haunted! Some of it is a big crackpot, but some of it is sooo cool!

The 'Ghostbusters' were at the Tron recently. I was going to volunteer, but then chickened out.


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