Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Lessons You Want To Teach Your Kids

In no particular order:

1) Work hard to achieve goals.
2) Choose friends wisely.
3) School is important. But do not necessary have to get straight As.
4) No point to try to lie or play games with us. All the tricks you are trying to pull, we have been there and done them. Trust me on this, you can not win.
5) Do not run up hugh credit card debts.
6) Help the less fortunate when you are able.
7) Do not drink and drive, or get into a car with a drunk. You can always call us.
8) Believe in yourself. You can do anything.
9) Read a lot.
10)Always wear sun-screen.


Anonymous auntie em said...

wise words. who came up with it?

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