Monday, August 22, 2005
You are rude
Today I went to the mall and had intention of ONLY returning a pair of pants I bought for JE a while ago, but I ended up buying extra stuff.

Anyway, I stopped by at the foot court so I could feed Amber. While I was getting her food out, this woman came by and did the usual "oh how cute" blah blah thing. Whatever, I so didn't care for it. (You know a lot of parents love it when strangers walk by admiring their kids? I can care less. Actually, I want them to go away and stop bothering me.) Then, THEN, she asked the ultimate question: "Is she your child?" Without missing a beat, I said, "No, I saw her wandering around, so I just picked her up on the street." She obvously didn't get my scrasim, she went on saying, "So you are the babysitter then?" By then, I had enough of her. Actually I had enough of her the moment she asked me that question. So I shot back saying, "Of course I'm her mom. You are just rude to ask that question." She still had the nerve to stay a couple more minutes before wandering off. I don't think she got it though.

After I had Amber, I noticed I have less and less patiences with stupid and rude people. Before if that situation came up, I would have bit my tounge, now I speak my mind. In fact it was the first time in the five years having two kid that I was asked that question. Stupid b-i-t-c-h.


Blogger Xinh said...

I can't figure out why anyone would ask a dumb question like that to begin with.
I mean, it's not as if Amber is a blonde hair blue eyed baby. And even if she were, it's nobody's business.

Good lord.

Anonymous Amber said...

Wow you sound just like me! I hate when people say crap like that its none of there business! People stop my husband more then me. I'm conviced they think i'm the sitter (i have dark hair and brown eyes and kai has red hair and blue eyes, go figure). Additionally I hate strangers stopping me to ask questions about Kai, dont' the realize my time is precious. The only time I will stop and chat and do not find it a hinderance is when its another parent with a small child. We need to have a playdate so we can bitch about rude, nosey people.

Blogger Liz said...

Another thing I hate is that they like to ask their names. What does it matter what their names are? I will never see you again. Besides I don't feel safe giving strangers my kids' name. I usually make up a name. Heh

Anonymous Auntie Em said...

wow! I seem so mellow compared to you now, Liz! And here I thought you were the mellow one. ha! I guess I got more patient with 2 kids, while you gone the other way. Hey cooL! That means we'll meet in the middle somewhere. All along while we were growing up, I had wanted to meet you in the middle somewhere. heehee

Does that make sense? Probably not. Doh! Anyway, today was Alex's first day of school, and a complete success. Yay!

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