Monday, August 29, 2005
We are back
We just came back from a weekend away from our favorite spot San Diego. We spent the first day at Wild Animal Park, we have membership to the two zoos at SD, so it's a pretty good to deal, especailly we go there pretty often annually. But guess what? We brought the camera, but forgot the memory card, doofus. So no photos from the trip.

On Saturday, I dropped John and JE to legoland while I went to the Carlsbad outlet with A. Boy, did I shop? I like that outlet. It is not entirely too big, but still have most of the stores I like. Because John used AAA card to buy the legoland tickets, he got a two-day pass for a one-day price, I might go back with JE this Saturday.

Overall, we had a really good time and spent a lot of time by/in the pool. Very relaxed.


Blogger Xinh said...

Why would you ever take the memory card out of the camera?

Sounds like you guys had a relaxing and fun time.

Blogger Liz said...

because we took it out to download photos, but never put it back

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