Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Ten Things You Love About Your City
(Almost forgot)

In no particular orders:

1) The beaches. I don't have to drive two hours to enjoy it.
2) Weather. Warm almost all year long and no snow.
3) Shopping. There is no shortage here, especailly outlets.
4) Cultures. Such varities.
5) Musumes. For both adults and kids.
6) Food. It comes with such wide varities of cultures. I can get any kind of food here if I choose to.
7) Celebrities. They are everywhere.
8) My parents. They live about 15 minutes away. That means free babysitting. :)
9) Amusement parks. There are no shortage of places to entertain out-of-town guests.
10) USC. I have to say this last one, otherwise Xinh might kill me. She already said that it's the only university that my kids are allowed to go to. :)


Blogger Capn John said...

Don't have to drive two hours to enjoy the beaches? Sure we do! We live in L.A., we have to drive for at least two hours to get anywhere. Traffic is so bad, that even the drive to our mailbox takes a good 20 minutes :P
Sure, if we walked, it would take us less than a minute, but this is L.A.! No-one walks here!

Blogger Xinh said...

Well, I would *prefer* your kids go to USC, but they can go anywhere else, as long as it's not that OTHER school.

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