Tuesday, December 27, 2005
So far so good
Aside from my computer that is giving me crap, all good here during this Christmas season.

Yesterday we took the boy to Knotts Berry Farm, courtesy of Nathan, who gave us some free tickets. The boy had fun, except he didn't want to get on any high rides, including the kiddie ones. I think he inheritated my fear of heights. It was a little
drizzling and chilly yesterday, so we didn't try the Water ride, which sure would get us all soaked. Knotts also has a new ride called Silver Bullet. Unless I get paid really well, I will never be crazy enough to set my foot in that ride.

On Sunday, we basically stayed home and relaxed. Opened our gifts, but I totally forgot to take any photos. JE was very excited, he got some really good gifts; and A. was just content playing with boxes and wrapping paper.

On Christmas eve we all did the traditionally family dinner at one of my aunts. The food was good, and the gifts were even better.

Note: I finally got this post up, after the computer rebooted on me three time.


Anonymous Fionna said...

I love the big rides at Knott's! My hubs won't go on them though! ;)

Blogger Ross said...

Liz, your computer.. it's one of those micro tower cases isn't it? I think it might be your power supply is starting to go.

Heres a couple of things to try before you give someone ru$40 to tell you whats wrong.

Get John to pull the psu outta his and connect it to yours, just connect it to the hard drive and see what happens.

If it still does it, pull out the graphics card and switch it back to onboard graphics.

Those are the 2 most common causes, you could have a faulty motherboard, hard drive, dry joint on the motherboard or faulty memory; a thermal issue, or a faulty cpu.

but i think it's your power supply.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ross. This is John. Liz's case is a micro-mini-midget Tower w/ a 250W power supply. Rather than f**k with my PC (which works just fine :D I just bought Liz a 350W unit and dropped it in. Man! Is it QUIET!!! Unlike mine which sounds like a jet taking off when I boot up.

So we'll see what happens now that Liz's PC has a new, beefier psu.

I got a new CPU fan for mine too while I was at the store, on account of my PC sounding like a jet taking off when I boot up. Did I mention that? Of course my problem could be my psu going as well, but I suspect it's the cpu fan. We'll find out once Liz gets off my PC and let's me play, I mean replace my fan.


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