Tuesday, December 13, 2005
10 Things You Want for Christmas

1) A new cell phone.
2) An Ipod. (either the regular or the mini one)
3) A bench for the bedroom
4) A new car. More specificaly a 3-row Toyota Highlander. :)
5) Win the lottery. HAH... yeah right.
6) All my famillies and friends get what they want.


Anonymous Auntie Em said...

wow! You only have 6 things out of the 10 you want? You are not greedy at all!

hey, whatever happened to the minivan? I thought u were gonna get a minivan instead of the Highlander?

and, an Ipod??? No, you don't want an Ipod. You want a regular MP3 player! :p

Anonymous ghoti said...

i *heart* my 30 gig photo ipod.
it's lurvely.

Anonymous ross said...

intresting choice for #6

If all your families and friends got what they wanted, then surely you'd possibly be responsible for the destruction of the world.

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