Friday, December 16, 2005
I must be losing my mind!
JE got a gift for his dad a while back, I stashed it somewhere after I bought it. But now for the life of me, I CAN NOT FIND IT! I looked everywhere, there is no sight of it.

Did you hear and see that? That's me screaming and pulling hair out of me.


Blogger Capn John said...

If you were willing to tell me what you got for me, I could help you look for it, but without knowing what it is, how will I know what I'm looking for :)

Just think of how sad JE will be when I unwrap my present Christmas morning, and it's not what he got for me. Oh, the humanity! Please, think of the children!

So...what did ya get me :)

Anonymous ghoti said...

oh good try john...

Anonymous Fionna said...

Don't worry, you'll find it in January ;)

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