Thursday, August 17, 2006
Random fun
JE has finished day camps, and there are still three weeks left until school starts. I have to think of ways to entertain him. He can drive me crazy from time to time.

On Saturday, we packed the kids up and went to Long Beach aquarium. It is one of their favorite places, esepcailly Amber. She loved seeing all the fish. She just sat in front of the big tank and if she could, she would stare at them for a long long time.
Img_0019 IMG_0020

Then again, among all the crazinesses, we have this:

She was sound asleep in the middle of everything. I was impressed that she was able to sleep with the noise level in the aquarium.

On Monday I took JE to the Natural History Museum. We were greeted by one of those after we entered.


It was a good and inexpensive place to spend a couple of hours, but their cafeteria sucked. There were no child-friendly food. We didn't stay to eat, nor we stuck around the area after we left the museum. Unfortunatly I forgot my cell, otherwise we would have joined John at his work for some lunch.

While we were there, I saw a d-list celeb, one of the sidekicks from The Drew Carey Show.

I found an indoor play place, rather John googled it after I asked if he knew any fun places I could take the kids. I took JE and one of his friends there to play yesterday. It has all the equipments of outdoor, plus bouncer and play house, except you don't get burned while playing. I even treated them at Cheesecake Factory afterwards. I'm just cool like that.

Now three weeks to go and I will have my sanity back. Sort of.


Blogger Wolfgangdoom said...

Those photos made me realize just how long it has been since I have been to the natural history museum; or any museum for that matter. I can't wait to someday have children with my wife so that I have an offical excuse to act like a big kid again. Thanks for the pics, they brought back some fond memories. /flashback :)

Blogger some girl said...

Aww, your pictures are awesome. I have been meaning to take a trip down to the aquarium; we've never been. We start school in a couple of weeks, too. Maybe we can squeeze a trip to the LBC in.

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