Wednesday, January 24, 2007
It is time
So my boy and a few of his school mates are having boy scout weekly meet-up downstairs. My husband was volunteered being the Cub scout leader when he mentioned he was a scout himself a long time ago. They had a surprised fire-drill earlier. It was pretty funny seeing them trying to crawl through each other. Good to know they know what to do. And thanks for cleaning our floor for us.

His best friend came home with us, and all I can say is I am glad I do not have two boys. They mostly entertained themselves cooped up in the boy's room, but when they emerge, oh my goodness, the noise level in the house!

Anyway, major event change in life, I am stressed out, but I do not want to go into details yet.

So how about some bitching instead? That always take my stress level down, especially the family kind.

After two kids, I have this small bulge on my tummy. It is mostly not visible if I wear the right clothes, but I know it is there. (Say what you want , I do have a tummy, so STFU.) At the recent family gathering(it mainly consisted relatives from my Dad's side), one of my cousins asked me if I was having a third child? I just glared at him, and he quickly said he was just joking. Whatever. I didn't appreciate the comment. Then a few moment's later, his Mom said the same thing. Gee, how come I was so not surprised that the comments were coming from them, like Mom like son. I was really pissed off. I could have said plenty equally rude remarks back to them, but I bit my tongue and walked away instead.

I only see them maybe three times a year. Even that it seems already too much if I have to deal with personal insults.

Seriously I can not imagine how can people be so rude! That is one of the things about the Asians, nothing is offensive to them, everything can be written off if you just say "I am just kidding." WTF? I do not understand that. I can sort of understand it when comment came from my aunt, since she is old-time Chinese. But my cousin? I except more from him.

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Blogger Friglet said...

Some people are just rude because they're miserable.

You just have to shrug it off.

Cussing them out under your breath doesn't hurt either. ;)

Anonymous Luminati said...

Ugh! People can be so rude sometimes!!

Blogger Mrs. T said...

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