Saturday, February 10, 2007
Last Friday (Feb. 2) Liz had surgery. She has not really had much of a chance to blog as her days have been spent recovering from her ordeal. She hasn't done much to Blog about anyway as her days are spent sitting or lying down, so the only thing noteworthy is that her bum hurts, A LOT!!!

- Cap'n John


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(((hugs)) Liz!

:* speedy recovery and good mojo and all :*

Blogger some girl said...

Get well, Liz...and I hope your little bum feels better soon! :)

Anonymous Luminati said...

sounds painful!

Heal fast!

Blogger Xinh said...

so when she recovers, she'll be doing a lot of standing to make up for the fact that she's had to sit or lie down for 3 weeks?


Blogger Friglet said...

Get better soon girl!

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