Sunday, June 17, 2007
Bulletin Board III
- We finally got DVR from our cable company on Friday. I am loving it!
- I have already recorded a butch of shows, just hope I will have time to watch them.
- How did I live without it before?
- Had Father's day breakfast with parents' on Saturday morning.
- Went outlet shopping with John afterwards.
- Played "Ghost Squad" at D&B with him after three attempts on three machines. (Ok, I admit. I enjoyed it. Though my arms hurt. Those guns are heavy.)
- Bought some items for mother-in-law, kids, and myself. John got a new cell phone. I guess it was his father's day gift.
- Though we have long stopped giving each other gifts on mother's, father's, and v-day.
- Went swimming at parents' pool this afternoon.
- More like John and the kids swam.
- Amber finally came around. She even jumped into the pool a few times.
- I think it was a weekend well spent.
- Tomorrow get to sleep in a little since there will be no school. :)
- Have to think of ways to entertain the boy. Such as take him to Natural History Museum.

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Anonymous ghoti said...

i *heart* dvr! we had it in FL for a year or two before we moved here to belfast and then when we got here, we found out that that we can get one that'll record TWO shows at the same time. so like, you can record one show and watch another as it's being broadcast (and you can still live pause it etcetera), OR you can record two different shows at the same time while watching a recorded one. etra exciting cause it wasn't available in FL.i record all kinds of crap now - woo hoo! i love speeding through the commercials (that's what they get for trying to tell me what i like).

i'm glad you had a good weekend liz, and i hope you guys have a fantastic summer! :)

Blogger Friglet said...

That sounds like a really nice weekend. :)

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