Friday, June 08, 2007
School is almost over! Sort of...
Only one week of school left for JE. Technically only four days, since last two days are half days. Part of me is very happy about it, knowing I don't have to get up early driving him to school; on the other hand, it will only last a week, then he will have summer school/camp. What? You think I am that crazy to have him home everyday, telling me he is bored every second for a whole summer?

On Sunday he is turning seven!! He keeps telling me he will be in second grade after summer. He is growing up too fast.

Sometime in August we are flying to Australia for my MIL's wedding. We are also dragging my parents there too. JE has been there twice already, but this year is the first year he actually understands where he is going and he is very excited about it. All I am hoping is to survive the 14-hour plane ride with Amber.



Blogger Capn John said...

Happy Birthday, my love :)

Blogger Friglet said...

Can you just give her Benadryl to knock her out?

Is it your birthday? If it is, Happy Birthday!!!!

Blogger FlawedSanity said...

Funny, Alex kept telling me the same thing. "I'm almost in 2nd Grade, Mommy!"

They just want to grow up quickly. At what point do we actually start hoping for time to slow down?

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