Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Almost over
Our neighbor finally stopped shooting fireworks. It has been going on for the last hour. So annoying! I love fireworks, but not if it was that close to our window.

Anyway, had a good day today. John and JE went to see Transformer this morning, while Mom and I shopped for gifts for our Oz trip in August. Some crazy sales were happening today. JE really enjoyed the movie, and I just took him to see Ratatouille on Monday. I guess this summer is going to all about watching movies. I personally really liked Ratatouille, except the part about all the rats cooking. That grossed me out a little bit.

Tonight John also took JE to a Dodgers' game. It had fireworks after the game. I think they are still stuck in the parking lot.

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Blogger xinher said...

Did Amber get to see fireworks?

Blogger Liz said...

She saw our neighbors, and John bought some which the kids fired out on Tues night.

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