Thursday, July 05, 2007
I lost my phone. Good thing it is insured. Still some a-hole picked it up and used some minutes yesterday.



Blogger Capn John said...

What sucks is Liz thinks she left it at a local restaurant. So whoever bussed our table picked it up and didn't turn it in like you'd expect from restaurant staff. Then again, I also left my credit card at a restaurant one time and whoever bussed our table did turn it in to management, but not before copying down the number. I know he (or she) copied it down because a couple of weeks later someone made several large purchases using my credit card, in Chicago of all places. I hate dishonest people.

Blogger FlawedSanity said...

guess i was lucky. i left at mac grill one time and someone turned it in. guess there are still some honest ppl around. thanks goodness!

Blogger Friglet said...

I can't believe someone would use the phone! You think they'd worry about being caught threw whoever they called. Maybe they're just not that bright. ;)

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