Monday, August 08, 2005
Can't think of a title
Chris, one of John's Aussie friend came here and stayed over for the weekend, then he went back to Australia last night. He works for Microsoft Australia. They always have conferences here. Last year was in Atlanta, this year it was in Seattle. Actually this year's conference was a last minute thing for him. Good thing too. We got more Aussie goodies. He might or might not be back for another one in January. He's hoping to be a speaker, so that he can bring his wife along.

We mainly took him shopping for things for his nephew and wife. He got a pair of Vans' shoes for his nephew. How cool is that? I want to get one for JE too. Then he is going to be the coolest kid in his class. HAH.

And of course we took him to the Cheesecake Factory in old town Pasadena. I was craving for their cheesecake, but ended up not having any though. We walked around, shopped and ended up in the Container Store, one of my many favorite stores. How can you not love two stories full of containers??


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