Wednesday, August 03, 2005
I'm a dork
Yesterday I got an alarm clock for JE at Target (I can't find it on Target's website. It's also cheaper at T). It's the coolest thing. When you plug the clock in, the time comes on right away. In this case it was set to eastern time zone, but all you had to do was pressing down the time zone and up/down buttons to 5, which is pacific timezone. Guess what happens when the power comes back on after a power outage? The time goes back to what you have set. No need to re-set it. I know, I tested it. After I set the time, I unplugged and plugged the clock. Sure enough the time didn't change. As for the alarm, you can set it to just come on everyday, weekdays only or weekends only.

Can't you tell I don't get out much? I am being a total geek for having so much fun with an alarm clock.

PS: Can you believe I am buying school supplies for him already? It's freaking me out. School supplies? It seemed like only yesterday I was feeding him baby food.


Blogger Xinh said...

I love shopping for schools supplies!

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