Friday, August 12, 2005
Friday Five
1. What foods did you eat growing up that you later found out were regional items? (specific brands or recipes that you thought everyone could buy or make)
I grew up in Shanghai, so basically each family eats very similar food. But since my grandmother was Cantonese, we had more Cantonese dishes at home than the average Shanghaieses.

2. Ham or turkey at Christmas and Easter? Or was there some other main course not typical for your area or religion?
Like I said I grew up in Shanghai, but we still celebrated Christmas back then. Even though it was banned. We didn't have a specific thing to eat. Turkey was out of question. Didn't eat my first turkey until we got to the US. We don't really celebrate Easter, eating wise. As for Christmas, just all the families gather together at my aunts and pot-lucked. But recent years we have stopped doing that even, just each individual family eats on their own, either at home or a restaurant. Then gather at my aunt's afterwards for gift exchange. So the answer is neither ham or turkey. At least not at Christmas time.

3. What was your favorite meal served at your elementary school?
I can't remember. I think it was mainly traditional Chinese food.

4. What family recipes have been handed down to you, and have you tweaked any of them a little bit to make them more yours?
Shanghai style wontons. No tweaking on my part. They are delicious and perfect the way my Mom makes them. I don't really make them. I perfer hers of course.

5. Are there foods/recipes you wouldn't eat as a child that you now regularly enjoy?
A lot of vegetables. Like all kids I didn't like them, but I do now.


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