Monday, August 15, 2005
Big boy's room
I We have redone JE's room recently, mainly got him new furnitures. I had the ambition to re-paint his wall, but too much effort for me. Here are a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous Auntie Em said...

aww.. JE's got such a big boy room now! Awesome!

Is that a laptop??? Wow! Any spare change you have, send them my way!

Blogger Xinh said...

The kid's 5 and he's got a laptop.
He's got better toys that I do!

Blogger Liz said...

just to clarify. the laptop isn't his. it's ours. we just have nowhere to put it right now. :P

Anonymous Kiki said...

I love the furniture and the wallcolor is great. I'm getting ready to paint my son's room and that is the shade I had in mind.

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