Friday, September 02, 2005
Glad it was over
I should really have gone to bed, since I had about three hours of sleep last night plus 45 minutes of nap. Why? Because I could not sleep. I was really anxious over JE's kinder orientation. Really silly right? I didn't even care about my own college orientation, but I was worried about my son's, kindengarten neitherless.

JE was really bored when they were yacking away in the cafeteria, but once we went to check out his classroom and meet his teacher, he was all fine and got all excited. The classroom looked really cool, a lot of fun things to do. He even tested out the bathroom. He liked it so much that he did not want to leave. Not about the bathroom, but the overall setting. Well, kid, one more week, you will have all the fun you can have.

This afternoon I had to go back to pick up a package, then next Monday I have to buy lunch tickets for him. Already got warned about the horrible traffic while dropping off and picking up. Better get there early then. Another thing really sucks is that we can not just drive up to the curb to pick up, rather have to park the car and get out to wait for the kids near the office. That means I have to park, take A. out, hold her, walk however long to the school office (another reason to get there early, don't want to park far), get JE, return to the car, put A. back into her carseat, make sure everyone is buckled up, and drive away. They just like to make it more difficult for me, don't they? I wish we have a school bus system like the rest of the country does.


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I did the same Liz, what seems a million years ago when my started.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I STILL feel that way now ~ Kim is going into 9th, and AshKat into 7th.

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