Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Things I noticed
while out running errands and shopping today:

- Subway now has Coke instead of yucky Pepsi and its sub-drinks. Yay.
- Also they have a few new sandwhiches are really yummy, chicken and bacon ranch being one of them.
- Between 3-4pm is a really good time to shop at Walmart. No crazy people, no slow people, mostly no lines.
- Kohl's has some pretty good deals. I repicate an designer outfit from head to toe with really low price. Kinda like what they do on "Look for Less".
- Walmart has some cheap shit, but I still perfer Target.
- I love Starbuck's Lite Mocha Frappuccino.
- Why is there still traffic on the freeway at 10:45 am?? Are those people supposed to be at work already?
- I got really excited that the gas price dropped 2 cents. How pathetic. Now it's $2.89/gallon around where I live.


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