Tuesday, September 13, 2005
We have officially joined parenthood, well parenthood for school kid. We attended our first PTA meeting, but probably the last one for John. HAH. It was quite boring, but educational. I also signed up for my first voulerteer job at the school during Schoclist Book Fair week, I'm sure it won't the last. I want to get involved with JE's school as much as possible. Though I can't be class helper, because I have A. with me, I can do other jobs like copying, taking projects home. I can do more next year, as I will be putting A. in day care for two days a week with my mom's school.

We also got home in time for Supernatural. Wow. It was so freaky. Not super scary, yet. It has caught my attention, I will be coming back for more.


Blogger Xinh said...

I loved the disclaimer at the beginning.
"To enhance your viewing pleasure, turn off the lights."

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