Sunday, October 09, 2005
Sleep Over
We went to San Diego Zoo on Saturday afternoon for their Spooky Sleepover. Basically we stay overnight at the zoo camp.

We got to the zoo around 4:25pm. Most people have already left the zoo, so it was really fun to have the zoo all by ourselves. Well, with other 20 plus people.

- Checked in, got our Spooky Sleepover t-shirts.
- JE made an owl bag for trick n' treat at night time.
- Took a 40-minute bus tour around the zoo.
- Got to the camp site, had dinner.
- Settled in our tent. (There is whole another story involving the tent I will mention later)
- Did some sing alongs around the camp fire.
- Went critter/trick n' treating. JE got some goodies. Had fun at Children's Zoo with Dr Zoolittle.
- Very tired by then (around 9pm), but JE wanted to go on for the nighttime walking tour, so we did around the cat canyon.
- It was abwhole new experience seeing the animals at night time. If not for the guide and other people around me, it was pretty spooky.
- Got back to the camp ground. Went immdeiately to sleep. At least tried to.
- Didn't sleep well. Not enough padding. Back hurt.

- Woke up with camp hair, but no shower. Had to do with a cap.
- Had breakfast.
- Packed all gears.
- JE decorated a pumkin.
- Made treats for elephants.
- Went to see elephants and see them enjoying the treats.
- Picked up gears in the parking lot.
- Went back to the zoo to spend some more time until after lunch.
- Drove home but got into traffic. Got stuck for half an hour, but still managed to get home in two hours.

Overall it was a lot of fun. Next time when A. is four will go back and do it again. Will get an air mattress instead though. Not fun sleeping with lack of padding. Will bring our own tent, their tent isn't big enough for four people.

As for the tent incident. Well, I booked a tent on Thursday. The lady at their education dept promised me a tent, I even saw the charge went through on the credit card on Saturday morning. But guess what? We got there, there was no tent with our name on it! We were not the only one with no tent. There was another lady there with her daughter didn't get a tent even though she was promised one too. One of the staff had to give up their tent for us. But staff each has their own tent! So beside the tent incident, otherwise we had a really fun time. If you have kids at least 4 years old and live near or at San Diego, it's definetely a fun activity to do.


Anonymous Kiki said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I don't think they do anything like that back here. Bummer.

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