Monday, October 03, 2005
Want to buy something?
Well, you can't. But what I can say is that we JE has successfully completed his first fund-raising for his school (aka getting relatives, co-workers, and friends to buy items from a catalog). We He collected over $200, thanks to John's co-workers, my parents, Xinh, and us of course. What does he get in return? Maybe a pizza party for his class if they can collect more than the other kinder class. I was really surprised but happy that eleven of John's co-workers ordered. I would be very happy even two people ordered. But the result was good. And it was a last minute thing too, since I have forgotten he was supposed to turn in the order form and money today. So John had to get everyone to contribute by 9am, so he could email me the order details. Even though he brought the catalog in all last week, of course no one wanted to order until the last minute.

Man, this kinder business is getting expensive. I thought public school is free? Let me straighten out for you. It's free of tuition, but you still have to write out tons of checks for lunch, PTA, Scholastic books, gift certificates once a while, and of course the fund raising that was just finished. But it's all good, since all those checks are helping out school. I have written more checks in the three weeks since kinder started than in a whole year.

We also have a big event, surprise to everyone else coming our way near Thanksgiving. I can't write it about just in case those involved read my blog. I do not think so, but just in case. We are all very excited. It is very hard to keep the secret. Just hope my parents won't get heartattacks when we show them the surprise.


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I don't think people realize how much public school costs until they have children. I do remember back as kid, my parents didn't have to pay for anything. Everything was given to us by our teachers - paper, pencils, paste, etc. I remember my mother commenting negatively and publicly how she didn't think she should have to pay for high school books.

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BTW: Thank you for your tomato sauce email! I got it and am happy you were able to make some of your own. Next time, I'm forgoing the wine too, just because, and adding water instead.

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