Saturday, December 31, 2005
Give me back my internet and TV
Yesterday after I woke up at 8 (my kids were wonderful and let me sleep in), after I fed them, I tried to check my email and turn on seasome street for amber, not a single channel was available, and I wasn't able to connect. I tried calling our cable company, but was put on hold for half an hour, so I gave up.

Finally John got through them, a tech came today. Some assholes from the cable company disconnected our service while disconnecting our neighbor's who is moving out.



Anonymous Fionna said...

Now that's just plain mean!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogeois said...

Oh! That same thing happened to us last year. What kind of idiots do these companies hire anyway?

Have a Happy New Year!

Anonymous ghoti said...

happy new year liz!


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