Sunday, January 01, 2006
Some thoughts on the new year
It was the first year ever that I have put away Christmas decorations before April, I even did before 2006 arrived. But only becasue we have guests coming on the 4th.

I got John a couple of shirts before Christmas. My question is why a man's shirt has so many pins? First it takes five minutes just to pull off all the pins and get all the tissue paper out? Along the way you get stabbed and bloody. Unbelieveable!

My computer seems to be fixed with a new power supply, but I'm $70 poorer. Thanks Ross.

PS: I spent an hour cleaning out my son's old clothes, as in from baby to 3 year-olds. Man, he had so many clothes. Did I buy them? I sure don't remember. heh. I packed about 3 bags to Salvation Army, 2 bags to a cousin of mine, and 3 boxes to a blogger in Arizona. I'm sure A. will have even more clothes when she turns five. How can anyone resist buying girlie clothes? :)


Blogger Ross said...

$70? bloddy hell! is that because of you computer being a mini tower thus requiring a non standard sized psu? well i hope it holds up for ya dude.

merry everyone!

Blogger Capn John said...

Actually it was $70 because it was a super quiet psu with two fans. One on the inside to suck, and one on the outside to blow. They had cheaper ones, but Liz likes QUIET!!!

Blogger Ross said...

oh i see.. she's all about the quiet.That's fair enuff i guess.You never told me you were an ozzie, it all makes sense now - ghoti says she imports her men, is this a similar thing you got goin on liz??

Blogger Liz said...

Yeah, I imported him. But I think ghotie exported out :)

Anonymous ghoti said...

when i was in the states i could say that, but now aye, i'm an export.

i like to think of it as "got the hell out" though...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, why do men's shirts have so many pins anyway?

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