Sunday, April 02, 2006
Weekend is gone already?
JE has started his very first spring break. I don't think the idea has sunk into him, that he doesn't have to go to school tomorrow. At his age, I think he rather goes to school to play with his friends than stay at home.

We were planning to take the kids to the park on Saturday after Amber's nap. But on the way back from yet another fish shopping trip, JE felt asleep in the car and stayed asleep.

They went to grandparents' instead after their naps.

Since we were kids free, we went to get some sushi instead. I love it. I get those strong sushi craving especailly before I fell off the roof.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to get a desk at IKEA for me. It took usJohn a few hours to put it together and reorganized the room. I love the new desk. It has tons of storage and writing spaces. It also has a maganetic board which I can stick all my reminders on. JE now has my old computer desk. He loves it too that it's high enough Amber will not be able to bug him while he is on.


Anonymous Ficklechick said...

I hate putting together Ikea furniture, it's torture! Where's a picture of the new desk? ;)

Blogger Capn John said...

There's a pic of the desk on my Blog.

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