Monday, May 01, 2006
May already?
Another weekend has come and gone.

We went to friends' for their daughter's 100-day celebration on Saturday. It is Chinese tradition to celebrate the child's 100-day, but personally I never did it. It was their first child, so she didn't have any ideas with others kids at the party in turn of food and entertainment. So I suggested her to rent a bouncy house, pizza, and a chocolate cake for them. The bouncy house for the kids and chocolate cake for me. Personal motive? You bet ya. It was fun, mostly for JE, as John and I have to take turns to chase after Amber all over the house.

Can you believe it is May already? That means I have to make decision for the very first summer camp for JE. Fun fun fun. I am so inexperienced. Next year I need to start early and who knew summer camp is that expensive. I don't think I will send him to any over-night camps until he is at least seven. Does it mean I have to start saving from January the previous year?


Blogger Xinh said...

I didn't go to sleep away camp until I was 10.

And after one summer being completely miserable and complaining about the camp the whole time, I never went to another one.

Anonymous HolyMama! said...

mmm. chocolate cake.

i loved summer camp as a kid, but mine were only one week sessions. and i did 2 a summer from ages 5-12 i think. LOVED them.

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